In Thailand tigers have lighter flames put under their noses to force their heads up for selfies

Cigarette lighter flame placed under the nose of a captive tiger to make them lift their head

NEWS AND VIEWS: In a crass example of animal cruelty in Thailand, Lady Freethinker has exposed the objectionable practice of stuffing cigarette lighter flames under the noses of tigers to force them to lift up their heads for pictures with tourists. It’s unimaginable and not only is it a violation of animal welfare laws …

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If you are a Buddhist and you harm a cat you might be reincarnated as a mouse

Buddhist and a ginger tabby cat

Buddhists believe in reincarnation. They believe that as a part of the Samsara life-and-death cycle, cats and dogs as well as other animals such as elephants and horses can potentially be reincarnated as humans. This leads some Buddhists to perform full funeral rites for their pets including prayers for forgiveness with the intention of …

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