€30,000 taxpayer prize for the best animal torture is indefensible

30,000-euro prize for best bullfighting payable by taxpayer scraped in Spain

Bullfighting afficionados “understand even less that these forms of animal torture [bullfighting] are rewarded with medals that come with monetary prizes using public money.” The words of Spain’s culture minister (2024), Ernest Urtasun who has said that Spain’s bullfighting tradition is on its knees with only 1.9 percent of the population attending a bullfight …

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Carlos Alcaraz supports the stabbing and torturing of animals

Bullfighting is torture

PETA have done this big but they are fundamentally correct in describing Carlos Alcaraz’s attendance at a bullfighting event at Plaza de Toros, near Murcia, Spain as supporting the ‘stabbing and torturing of animals’. Tennis is a sport; animal abuse is NOT. There is nothing entertaining about the stabbing and torturing of animals – …

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