burmese cat

You have to see this cat. He is called Juno and he’s part Burmese and part Himalayan

Juno is one of those extraordinary domestic cats. You simply will not see another face like his on the Internet.…

2 years ago

Burmese cat rat catcher at NHS hospital

There was a Burmese cat rat catcher at Epsom Hospital! Allegedly an NHS porter brought a Burmese cat, Monty, into…

2 years ago

What color eyes do Burmese cats have?

Burmese cats should have eyes which are brilliant and from yellow to gold in color.

3 years ago

Abyssinian cat stolen after catio ordered to be removed

Claire Patel, 38, lives in Holloway, North London, UK. She is the caretaker of two cats one of whom is…

3 years ago

Burmese Cat Personality

The Burmese cat is friendly and relaxed. You will find that different authors have slightly different descriptions of the Burmese…

4 years ago

Burmese Cat Most Likely to Defend His Territory

This is a very short note in which I will state that it is said that the Burmese cat is…

5 years ago

Burmese Cat Facts For Kids

This is a page on the Burmese cat written for children and people who like to see great cat pictures…

7 years ago

Burmese Cat “Raison” on Back Feet

Here is a beautiful looking American Burmese cat responding well to Ken Flick's tease. He is in the 'cobra position'…

8 years ago

Burmese Cat

Introduction History Appearance and Character Breed Standard Health Breeders - new page - discussion - pic - links Click here…

8 years ago

I rescued a Burmese cat

I rescued a Burmese cat I found Tinky in the bushes in my front yard. She was crying terribly. I…

8 years ago