4 brands dump Aussie influencer, Emma Claiir, after she admitted killing two cats when a child

Emma Claiir admits killing 2 cats as a child

NEWS AND COMMENT: This story illustrates how brands rapidly distance themselves from any partner with whom they work who’s been involved in animal abuse. And it doesn’t seem to matter whether it happened many years ago when the person was very young. Animal abuse is a no-no for businesses who use Instagram influencers to …

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Dissecting cats in high school

An alternative to dissecting cat cadavers

I was not sure if high schools in America or any other country for that matter still dissect domestic, stray or feral cats. I thought that dissecting the bodies of shelter cats had gradually phased out but apparently not. My research indicates that it still happens in American high schools and there are suppliers …

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Sales surge for veterinary pharmaceutical business Animalcare thanks in part to the pandemic

Animalcare is doing well

This is another Covid silver lining. There have been several. Sales at Animalcare, a veterinary pharmaceutical business with aspirations to become the leader in Europe, have surged during the pandemic because of the rapid increase in the number of people adopting companion animals for the first time. You may remember that there was a …

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Coronavirus can permanently close cat cafés

Cosy Cat Cafe may have to close

It’s a point worth making: in the UK the coronavirus pandemic may end up permanently closing cat cafés because of the ongoing lockdowns and Tier 3 semi-lockdowns resulting in their temporary closure. Temporary closures for a significant time can lead to permanent closures for obvious reasons. One possible victim of the coronavirus pandemic is …

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Doing business with Huawei: the battle between economic growth and human/animal rights

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, has agreed, against America’s wishes, to use Huawei technology and equipment to help build a 5G network in the UK. He had to do it because there is no alternative business that can quickly help to install 5G into the UK. One of the central planks …

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Lions clash with humans over the land they once roamed on freely

Lion enjoying the moment in the Serengeti

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, Africa: There was a time when 30,000 lions roamed freely in Tanzania. They pleased the tourists who came to the country in large numbers to see them and other wildlife, boosting the economy by $4.7 million (9% of GDP) each year. Today there are about half that number of lions …

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Cat advocates make businesses see the sense of TNR at Meridian Township retail park

Photo © Judy Putnam/Lansing State Journal. Feral cat Monday, Oct. 7, 2019, spotted at dusk just inside the side parking lot of Big Lots in Meridian Township

This is a good news story and a success for all participants particularly the cats! There was row going on at a retail park area in Okemos, Michigan. It was a classic clash between large retail outlets with huge carparks and feral cat advocates over the feral cat colonies in the area. I wrote …

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