TikTok spied on journalist through an account in her cat’s name

TikTok could be banned for spying through their app

TikTok is getting a bad reputation for unethical behavior. In the past the administrators have been criticised for allowing animal abuse videos in large numbers and making a list of gay users. And now spying on a female British journalist via an account under her cat’s name. Cheap behavior which has been admitted. There …

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TikTok – the intelligent and the ignorant. Too many animal abuse videos influencing the gullible.

On Tiktok there can be a battle between the intelligent and rational individual and the ignorant and irrational

You might be aware that TikTok is controversial. There is good and bad. One good TikTok channel is operated by Ben the Vet. He is the voice of reason. He’s an intelligent guy presenting the truth on a factual basis. His thoughts chime with mine. Interestingly, he claimed that he is sometimes rubbished in …

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