Picture of a lion cub’s striped coat contrasted with the plain coat of their father

Picture of a lion cub with code markings in contrast to the plain code of their parent

This picture of a lion cub’s spotted and striped coat in contrast to their father’s plain coat caught my eye as a good example of nature protecting the vulnerable lion cub by improving their camouflage which is customised for the environment in which they live. The spots and stripes disappear after around nine months. …

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Reason why the clouded leopard has a cloud-like spotted coat

Clouded leopard camouflage

To its great cost, the clouded leopard has a very distinctive and attractive coat pattern resulting in human persecution. The coat is brown and therefore not like the forest canopy in which it lives but the patterning is good camouflage when looking up from the ground at the branches and jungle foliage. And behind …

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Young pumas have spots for camouflage protection which entirely disappear in adolescence

Puma cub has spots for camouflage protection

It makes good sense that puma cubs have spots for camouflage protection as they are incredibly vulnerable. The spots disappear with age. This is an example of age-related differences in coat colour and patterning among the cat species. This change implies that nature has decided that the adult puma does not need camouflage protection …

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Why do tigers have stripes?

Tiger stripes

Tigers’s have stripes for camouflage to allow them to approach prey animals as closely as possible to improve kill rates. Although, it’s quite a subtle question because although we know that tiger stripes act as camouflage, tigers might have evolved to have spots rather than stripes. Leopards have spots as do jaguars. This is …

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Why are tigers orange and not green?

Tiger camouflage

The tiger attacks color-blind animals The main reason why tigers are orange and not green is because the large prey animals that they need to feed on are colour-blind and they don’t see orange. Some scientists say that they see a muted green instead of orange while others say they see a muted brown …

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Spot the Cat

Here are two photographs in which there is a cat. Can you spot the cat? Cats are difficult to see sometimes. We all know that. These photos reinforce our belief that they are good at hiding and slinking through doorways and so on. Did you spot the cat? If so, please describe the position …

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