Can you use suncream on cats?

This is a problematic area. You can use suncream on cats but you have to be careful about how it…

1 month ago

Does passive smoking affect cats?

I am surprised that people use Google search to ask whether passive smoking affects domestic cats. Surely, it is obvious…

3 months ago

What is a sarcoma in cats?

An Internet search for the above term produces a long list of articles on vaccine-associated feline sarcomas. That tells us…

7 months ago

Radical mastectomy for female cats cost $3,000 (plus teeth clean thrown in)

If it interests you, a radical mastectomy for cats cost around three grand. This would be in dollars or pounds…

7 months ago

Spanish cat rescue did all they could to save a desperately thin cat

This is a sweet and sad cat rescue story from Spain. I am very impressed with this rescue organisation. The…

2 years ago

Cannabis Oil Cured This Cat’s Cancer

Cannabis oil cured this cat's cancer. This non-high version of cannabis is gaining in popularity as a treatment for cats.

2 years ago

Can cats get cancer from second-hand smoke?

[gallery columns="1" size="full" ids="101747"] Yes, cats can get cancer from second-hand smoke. Although common sense dictates that this must be…

3 years ago

Man Adopts 15-year-old Cat with Terminal Cancer

This is a cat story which warms the heart. It shows us the better side of human nature which is…

4 years ago

Tabby Cat Warns Owner Of Breast Cancer

Willow, a classic, brown tabby cat, warned her owner, Annemarie Cotton that she had breast cancer.  Cotton is convinced that…

5 years ago

Pixie the cat had £1,449 of cancer treatment over a blade of grass

I heard on the radio that the vet's bill for removing a blade of grass from Pixie's nose was a…

6 years ago