Can smoking marijuana around my cat cause her harm?

Is smoking marijuana around your cat harmful to your cat?

Marijuana is also known as cannabis, weed, pot, dope or grass. The best way to answer the question in the title is to ask whether marijuana can harm people and then look for any studies which indicate that it can harm animals as well. But first… Marijuana is stronger today I’m sure you’ve read …

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Is CBD oil such a wonder drug for pets that it is made out to be?

CBD oil

There is an explosion of information about the use of CBD oil in the treatment of a wide range of illnesses and psychological conditions suffered by cats and dogs. There is also some confusion surrounding the use of CBD oil as a treatment for pets. Having read about the subject, there’s a lot of …

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Pet owners in the US increasingly treat pets with medical marijuana

Following the legalisation of marijuana as a medicine for human use in 29 American states, pet owners are, in increasing numbers, turning to medical marijuana to treat their sick pets suffering from ailments such as arthritis and cancer. Cats, dogs, horses and lizards are some of the animals who are said to have benefited …

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Legalizing Cannabis Leads to More Pet Owners Giving it to Their Cats and Dogs

Cat steals some cannabis

Cannabis is almost legal even when it isn’t legal because law enforcement ignore its use. In America a number of states have legalized it. It is legal for recreational and medical use in Washington, Washington D.C., Oregon, Alaska, Colorado, California, Massachusetts, Nevada and Maine. One dog owner used cannabis to treat his dog’s arthritis. …

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