South Africa plans to close down captive lion industry

The captive lion industry. A fictional image created by AI.

The captive lion industry in South Africa (SA) includes: The captive lion industry of SA is highly exploitative and an abuse of lions which treats them worse than livestock. The only lions in SA should be protected in lion reserves/parks, which is the long-term goal. A complete transition then? A 246-page report has been …

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Christian South African school’s fundraiser included the auction of a lion hunt

Futurum Akademie's unethical lion hunt as a fundraiser which was particularly shocking as this school says that their MO is rooted in Christian beliefs

NEWS AND COMMENT: This story comes from South Africa. I have started that way because South Africa has a bad reputation for abusing lions. They offer canned lion hunts to rich Europeans and Americans. They breed lions for these hunts. They abuse lions in the interests of financial profit. It’s a bad relationship with …

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Animals might feel more pain than the human-animal (Dawkins)

Gervais and Dawkins have similar thoughts on animal rights

Ricky Gervais and Richard Dawkins are very similar in their attitude and thoughts about animal rights. I admire them both. I am sure that their attitude is similar to millions of others. It certainly chimes totally with me. Gervais is a comedian and animal rights advocate and he is so important in the animal …

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Inauthentic breeding and shooting of lions in South Africa might be banned

Canned lion hunting might be banned in South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA-NEWS AND VIEWS: The South African government has realised that public opinion is turning against one of their major businesses: the captive breeding, captive hunting, captive petting (of cubs) and captive use and abuse of lions. In that vein they want to provide tourists, which has to include trophy and sport hunters, with …

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Trophy hunters can select the lion that they want to kill from a brochure

Captive lion being abused in SA

Wealthy clients who take pleasure in shooting lions for entertainment are sent brochures with photographs of captive male lions via the WhatsApp smartphone application. This allows them to choose which particular individual they want to shoot. The price for doing it depends upon the size and quality of the lion’s mane and varies between …

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Lions fled a Limpopo private zoo because they were starving

Starving lions in private zoo in Limpopo

NEWS/VIEWS – SOUTH AFRICA: The captive lion breeding in South Africa is out of control. It is an abusive process. They are bred to be hunted in canned hunts. A private zoo owned and managed by Mr Slippers contained 72 lions, four tigers and two caracals. The lions were fed with one dead giraffe …

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From birth to death lions are completely exploited in South Africa

Exploitation of lions in SA in their infographic sum up the complete exploitation of lions from controlled birth (i.e. they are bred) to death by shooting in South Africa. It is an horrendous example of how humankind (the male of the species) has allowed his base instincts to control his behavior to act in this cruel and barbaric …

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Sick photo shows trophy hunting couple kiss over corpse of magnificent lion they killed

Sick photo of trophy hunting couple kissing over dead lion

Words are not needed to express my disgust at this couple of trophy hunters. They just don’t care. There is a complete lack of sensitivity towards the feelings of animals and conservation. Super self-indulgent, arrogant humans at their worst. The couple describe themselves as passionate conservationists! Laugh. They booked the trophy hunting safari with …

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