Infographic on making zoos better places for big cats

Tiger at a zoo

This is a compact infographic on making zoos better places for big cats. Many zoos in the West and developed countries have almost certainly adopted these techniques and more but we don’t have to look far to find abysmal zoos in developing countries which are frankly examples of animal cruelty where big cats pace …

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In Thailand tigers have lighter flames put under their noses to force their heads up for selfies

Cigarette lighter flame placed under the nose of a captive tiger to make them lift their head

NEWS AND VIEWS: In a crass example of animal cruelty in Thailand, Lady Freethinker has exposed the objectionable practice of stuffing cigarette lighter flames under the noses of tigers to force them to lift up their heads for pictures with tourists. It’s unimaginable and not only is it a violation of animal welfare laws …

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Carole Baskin speaks fluently about ending private ownership of tigers and cub handling

Carole Baskin being interviewed by Wink news

In this interview of Carole Baskin by a presenter at WINK news, she speaks eloquently and fluently about her passion, which is to phase out private ownership of tigers in the USA and to end cub handling. She wants to achieve this through her Big Cat Public Safety Act (BCPSA). She has campaigned tirelessly …

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Picture shows tiger’s jaws clamped on arm pushed through fencing as the man is on the ground screaming for help

River Rosenquist, 26, the cleaner who acted recklessly by petting a Malayan tiger through its cage resulting in the tiger clamping his jaws around the man's arm

NEWS AND COMMENT: You may have heard of the story of the Malayan tiger Eko, at Naples Zoo, Florida, USA who was shot at point blank range in the neck by a deputy police officer. The reason why the officer shot the Eko is because he had clamped its jaws around the arm of …

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Male Siberian tiger kills another male Siberian tiger and his keeper to be with a female

Siberian tiger at South African wildlife park kills keeper and another male Siberian tiger to mate with female Siberian tiger

NEWS AND COMMENTS-SOUTH AFRICA: A big cat keeper has been killed by a Siberian tiger at a wildlife park in South Africa. The Siberian tiger, Jasper, also killed another Siberian tiger and his objective was to be with a female. An electric fence had been switched off for repair. Jasper was able, therefore, to …

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Cat picture of the year 2021

Man in white T shirt captures his tiger from Houston residential area after it escaped his home

This is a great picture of a cat; a pet Bengal tiger. People are involved. There is tension. It is newsworthy. The photo was captured by an unknown member of the public on their smartphone I suspect. It is the cat picture of the year for me and I don’t think it will be …

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Pet tiger wanders around West Huston, Texas and residents reach for their guns. Great picture.

Tiger roaming around West Houston having escaped someone's home where they were a pet

HOUSTON, TEXAS USA – NEWS AND VIEWS: It appears that a Houston resident kept a tiger as a pet and the tiger escaped leading to sightings of it wandering around the suburbs of Houston looking in, my opinion, nervous and not aggressive as described by some. The video shows the big cat on a …

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