Are black panthers dangerous to humans?

Poggi and Dasha

Background “Black panthers” normally refers to melanistic leopards. These are leopards that are born black (dark charcoal) because of a genetic mutation. They are called melanistic leopards. I’m referring to the common leopard. Although the term “black panther” can also refer to other big cats black pumas or jaguars. The black jaguar is frequently …

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Playful, pet white lioness kills her owner accidentally

Mathewson and white lioness

NEWS AND OPINION – SOUTH AFRICA: While playing with his pet, white female lions who he had raised from newborn kittens, West Mathewson, 68, was killed by one of them because “instincts got the better of one of them”. He was seriously injured and died on the way to hospital. You know how you …

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Bald female tiger at Waccatee Zoo, USA in urgent need of help

Bald female tiger Lila confined to concrete and steel cage the many years is desperately stressed

This really is a very distressing story. It hurts to read about it. It makes me sick to the stomach to be perfectly honest. It’s the kind of story which makes you wonder what the hell the human race is doing on this planet. It’s a story about a female tiger at Waccatee Zoo, …

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Should tigers be housed together?

Sumatran tiger

People are using Google’s search engine to find out if tigers should be housed together when in captivity. And the answer is no because tigers are solitary animals. A zoo needs to replicate, as best they can, what happens in the wild. Clearly they are unable to do it because in captivity they normally …

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Why did the male Sumatran tiger kill his potential mate at London zoo?

Asim and Melati

It’s all over the news, an endangered male Sumatran tiger at London Zoo attacked and killed his intended mate soon after they were allowed to be together for the first time. Why did the male kill the female? The male cat is seven years of age and he arrived at Regent’s Park Zoo 10 …

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