Good behaviour by anonymous citizens in kitten rescue versus deplorable behaviour by world leaders

Grey kitten rescued from the engine compartment grill of an SUV in a fast-food restaurant parking lot in rain

I want to relate a beautiful little story about the rescue of a sweet, terrified gray kitten in America. It’s a story of really nice human behaviour by anonymous citizens somewhere in that vast country. There are millions of really nice people on the planet doing good deeds which, for me, contrasts starkly with …

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Mother cat makes the engine bay of a car a den for herself and her 2 kittens

Kitten - one of 2- rescued from an engine bad in Malaysia. Their mother took them away

MALAYSIA-NEWS AND COMMENT: It is not uncommon for an individual cat to seek shelter and warmth in the engine compartment (‘bay’) of a vehicle especially during cold weather and at night. But this is the first time that I have bumped into a story about a mother cat making the engine bay of a …

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Cat uninjured and safe after 2 hours 30 minutes of motorway driving in engine compartment

Cat survived long motorway journey in engine compartment

This lucky tortie-and-white survived a hair raising experience when she crawled into the engine compartment of a car in Birmingham which was driven to a block of flats in East London. On my calculation – actually the calculation of Google Maps – that’s about 2 hours and 30 minutes of motorway (highway) (M40, M6 …

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Picture of cat stuck in car engine compartment is a classic

This cat picture is by the Animal Services Division of the City of Rancho Cordova in California. It is a classic because domestic cats stuck in engine compartments (the place where the engine in housed) are commonplace in winter. I have seen many pictures of cats stuck in this warm area of a vehicle …

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Tampa Police officers rescue young cat trapped in engine compartment of abandoned vehicle

Tampa Police Department Squad 209 became a hero to a young cat who found himself trapped inside the engine compartment of an abandoned vehicle, according to WFLA News. Officers were dispatched Thursday to the abandoned vehicle near Waters Avenue and Armenia Avenue where the cat was found stuck inside the engine bay. Officers Miller, …

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