Cat fell into vat of hexavalent chromium in Japan which is carcinogenic

Hexavalent chromium is carcinogenic and can cause skin irritation and blindness

NEWS AND COMMENT: This news story from Japan once again polarises opinion between animal advocates and the authorities. Residents in Japan have had been warned to steer clear of a poor, stray cat, perhaps a domestic cat, who fell into a commercial vat of hexavalent chromium at the Nomura Plating Factory near Hiroshima. It …

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Nitrites and nitrates in pet food and in human food

Nitrites and nitrates are in some human foods and in pet foods and they are carcinogenic

In France, nitrites and nitrates are allowed in human food but are disallowed in pet food which has outraged many members of the public. In America, the Pet Food Safety Law caps permissible nitrite levels at hundred parts per million in pet food but the Association of American Feed Control Officials has published a …

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