Tintin’s dog Snowy a wire fox terrier has suffered a 94% collapse in its popularity since 1947

Wire fox terrier and Tintin

There are many influences on a dog breeds popularity or lack of it. It is rather shocking to note that the news media reports today that Tintin’s pal Snowy, a wire fox terrier, is heading towards extinction as a dog breed and has been placed on the “at watch” list by The Kennel Club. …

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Cartoon Dogs

Cartoon dogs is the other half of cartoon cats. I had to create this page as they frequently share the same screen in the same cartoon. However, as this is a big subject it is a growing page, as at April 2010. There is more to come. I list all the cartoon dogs that …

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Snoopy Thanksgiving

Snoopy Thanksgiving by Michael (London, UK) A still from Snoopy Thanksgiving Snoopy thanksgiving refers to the Emmy Award-winning A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving aired in 1973. This was one of the thirty T.V. specials of mostly 30 minutes in length, that began with A Charlie Brown Christmas (first aired on CBS 1965). Some other notable …

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Krypto The Superdog

Krypto The Superdog by MIchael (London, UK) Krypto and Superboy from 1960 – still from video Krypto the superdog is an awesome lab-dog and Superboy’s pet dog. He has super powers which are due to the earth’s sun being yellow while the sun from where he comes from, Krypton, is red. His powers are …

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Goofy Cartoon

The Goofy cartoon dog is a Walt Disney creation. He is an “oafish”1 character AKA “The Goof”. He walked on two legs, human style. He was a black dog and he had droopy ears and buck teeth. At an early stage in his career but not at the beginning it was decided that he …

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