Abandoned calico kitten had given up in middle of country road before rescue

Calico kitten in middle of country road had given up but is rescued

Another kitten rescue from TikTok. A nice one. Lovely woman. There are many cat rescues on social media. Some (hopefully rarely) are sadly contrived and even set up but this one is genuine except that in days gone by no one rescuing a kitten from the middle of a country road where they had …

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People lack a conscience when they abandon their cat. Always rehome.

One of the abandoned cats

I don’t know how people can abandon their cat either to a shelter or at the side of a road. Or perhaps they move home and leave their cat behind sometimes locked inside the home remarkably. These people cannot have a conscience. What is a conscience? Is a mental process in which you measure …

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Man asks AITA for telling girlfriend to give her cats to a shelter. Response: YTA.

Man asks AITA for demanding that his gf gives up her cats if she lives with him

Scenario: This is about the impossibility of an ailurophile living with an ailurophobe! Man gets good job and wants to buy a house. His brother will live with him. Both hate cats. His girlfriend loves cats and has 2. He tells her that she will have to give the cats to a shelter if …

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Why do people abandon their cats in the USA?

Barney a relinquished cat

To answer the question in the title I am going to rely on a very substantial survey from the United States conducted in the late 1990s from the Regional Shelter Relinquishment Survey Study. It was a team effort between the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy and researchers at four American veterinary …

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1000 domestic cats abandoned on Koh Phi Phi

Phi Phi's abandoned cats

NEWS AND COMMENT-KOH PHI PHI, THAILAND: Over 1,000 domestic cats have been abandoned by their owners on Koh Phi Phi which is a collection of islands, and a part of Thailand, between the large island of Phuket and the Straits of Malacca. Thailand is dependent on tourism which represent 21.9% of its GDP. During …

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Cat abandoned after 18 years because the family ‘didn’t want cat hair any more’


On Reddit.com a person (Reddit username: u/DoctaEiffel) posted the headline Dumped at a shelter after 18 years because his family “didn’t want cat hair anymore,” now he lives in our sanctuary. Welcome, Pumpkin! It has caught the eye of Internet users. Newsweek published an article on it. The comments on Reddit.com indicate dismay and …

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Stop dumping cats on Brazil’s ‘Island of the Cats’ and practice TNR

Brazil's Island of the Cats

Brazil’s Island of the Cats is Brazil’s dirty feline secret but it is a secret no more because is a catastrophe in terms of animal welfare which need to be addressed urgently but decisions about this island, chock-a-block with unwanted cats, are constantly put back as people scratch their heads as to what to …

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