How does obesity affect cats?

The question in the title is current as according to VCA Hospitals in the United States, almost 60% of domestic cats in that country are overweight. There is a domestic cat overweight problem in the UK as well.  A domestic cat is considered overweight when they weigh 10-20% more than their ideal body weight, …

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Infographic on underlying causes of bad breath (halitosis) in cats

Halitosis in cats possible problems

How do these 7 conditions cause bad breath? Here are the explanations. Kidney disease In one study, bad breath was noticed 1.2 years before recognition of chronic kidney disease by veterinarians. It would seem to be an early symptom which can be added to weight loss, decreased appetite and excessive drinking. It’s interesting to …

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Cat Abscess Flushed Out (video)

Treating a feline abscess

This will test your stomach for the gruesome. Some people will find it hard to watch. It is instructional, however, even for the average cat guardian because feline abscesses are fairly common. It is one of the hazards facing the outside especially males who get into fights. The veterinary hospital who filmed it reassured …

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Outdoor cats and conflicts with other cats

Cats owners are quite laissez-faire about their outdoor cat coming into conflict with other cats. That certainly applies in England. Cat owners move to a new area and let their cat go outside perhaps after a period inside to acclimatise. For the cat this is a source of conflict and stress. A cat in …

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