Animal shelters insisting that two cats are adopted together can extend their stay at the shelter by 185%

Woman returns to adopt 16-year-old Max (1)

I believe that the results of this study published in January 1, 2023, on the Cambridge University Press website are common sense and I also believe that the results shouldn’t deter animal shelters from insisting that two cats are adopted together when appropriate. RELATED: Woman who adopted 11-year-old cat returns to shelter to adopt …

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Infographic on being sensible before adopting a cat companion

Be sensible before adopting a cat

The title is self-explanatory. The topic lends itself to an infographic as these are bullet point reminders. Some are obvious and some less so. Perhaps the most important part of cat adoption is before it takes place. The preparation. The budgeting, the research, the honesty is assessing whether one is genuinely in a position …

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Cat owners that look like their cats

Woman looks like her cat

It is said that pet owners can and sometimes do look like their pets and I am referring to cats and dogs. This topic is normally discussed in relation to dogs. Research has been carried out on why dog owners look like their dogs. It’s been scientifically proven that they can and they do …

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Covid saved the lives of 4 million companion animals in the USA

Empty shelters thanks to Covid and increased adoptions

It’s an extraordinary twist of fate; Covid has saved the lives of about 4 million companion animals in the USA. This is because of soaring adoptions during the pandemic. The information relates to 2020 so it’s a bit out of date and I can’t find current figures. I would expect the current figures to …

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Bio for shelter cat named Dave is imaginative and attractive

Excellent bio for shelter cat designed to get him adopted

Shelter cat bios and photos are important in improving adoption rates. This is a nice example of a novel and imaginative shelter cat bio. Dave is an absolutely middle of the road domestic cat. He’s a standard brown tabby. He is not a standout cat at a shelter but he’ll make a damned good …

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Dennis Quaid has made headlines by adopting a black cat called Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid the black cat

He said that he couldn’t resist. He had to adopt a black cat named Dennis Quaid from the Lynchburg Humane Society in Virginia where he had been for a year waiting for the right person to come along. In an interview with 10 News in Roanoke on Wednesday Mr Quaid said that he was …

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