34% of cats featured in ‘funny cat videos’ are upset and stressed

Funny cat videos can stress cats

An animal welfare campaigner, Wendy Turner Webster, claims that the Internet has given a platform to idiots, to use her words. She believes that the craze for terrifying cats with cucumbers is cruel. I agree with her, completely. “What an … please continue reading

If your cat’s behaviour is driving you nuts try timeout

Try time-out for cats who are misbehaving

This is a snippet of advice from Jackson Galaxy. I’ve never tried it because I’ve never had cause to but I am sympathetic towards people who may on occasions become frustrated with their cat’s behaviour. Cat behaviour is never bad … please continue reading

If cats see us as “mama cats” or parents, then why do they hiss and attack us?

Agressive black cat

This is a reasonable question. Firstly cats see us as providers and surrogate mothers when being cared for or on occasions confusingly as kittens when bringing prey back to their owners’ home. They may be aggressive towards their owner for … please continue reading