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Cat allegies can be caused by processed foods

Domestic cats allergic to overly-processed foods?

Are some domestic cat’s suffering from undiagnosed allergies because they are allergic to overly-processed pet food? Allergies and domestic cats are a bit of a mystery. There are so many potential allergens in the...

Hives (Urticaria) can affect cats and people

My cat’s lips are swollen

By Anonymous: My cat’s lips are swollen. It happened suddenly. I am concerned. She was okay yesterday and as far as I can tell nothing has happened since then. She is allowed outside into...

Cat allergen pollen

Can cats get hay fever?

Yes, cats can get hay fever only it is not referred to as hay fever in cats but an allergic reaction or hypersensitivity reaction. The same rules apply as for humans. The cats immune...

Can cat litter cause allergies?

Can cat litter cause allergies?

Whether cat litter can cause allergies in humans and cats is an interesting question because almost all we hear about (concerning cats and allergies) is the human allergy to cats caused by the protein...

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