cat anatomy

Domestic cat with longest neck

Olivia, who was living at Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control at the time the photograph was taken, has…

4 days ago

Hairless cat has duck’s feet

The webbing between the toes of domestic cats is particularly noticeable in this hairless cat, a Sphynx with outreaching paws.

2 weeks ago

Is it true that cats can’t taste sweetness?

It is ironic that about 31% of dry cat food is carbohydrates. It has to be in order to make…

2 weeks ago

Metronome as a cat toy

A pretty cool cat toy. I'd never have thought it. A fascinating aspect of the video is the way Smokey's…

3 weeks ago

How much blood is in a cat’s body?

The body of a 5 kg (12 lbs) domestic cat contains about 12 fluid ounces of blood, which is 330…

3 weeks ago

Domestic cats don’t relate to us as if we are different to them

Although dogs show clear signs that when they interact with people they perceive us as being different to themselves, the…

3 weeks ago

University of Guelph’s one cat meal a day study ignores the size of the stomach

The domestic cat's stomach is too small for a big, one meal a day mild fasting, feeding regime as suggested…

4 weeks ago

A recent study says that we should feed cats once a day. I disagree.

The Daily Mail reports on a study which says that cats are better off in terms of controlling their hunger…

1 month ago

What causes the range of eye colors in cats?

The total amount of melanin (pigment) in the iris of the eye determines the range of eye colours in cats…

1 month ago

A nursing mother’s nipples are labelled like school lockers for her kittens

The language I've used in the title comes from that wonderful writer, Desmond Morris. He is also a great animal…

1 month ago