USA shelter cat euthanasia dramatically down in 2023 but why (infographic)?

USA shelter cat euthanasia dramatically down in 2023 but the reason has not been given!?

The infographic spells out the numbers and they come from reliable sources but I am almost compelled to conclude that they are misleading. If not something dramatically good has happened for shelter cats in the USA. Perhaps shelter management are taking up Nathan Winograd’s advice in greater numbers. He has been pressing the shelters …

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Covid saved the lives of 4 million companion animals in the USA

Empty shelters thanks to Covid and increased adoptions

It’s an extraordinary twist of fate; Covid has saved the lives of about 4 million companion animals in the USA. This is because of soaring adoptions during the pandemic. The information relates to 2020 so it’s a bit out of date and I can’t find current figures. I would expect the current figures to …

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Percentage of cats with FIV in various countries

black cat Jeffree

The percentage of domestic cats (‘client-owned’) with FIV (Feline immunodeficiency virus) various substantially depending on the country and the status of the cats. The variation is surprising to me. The differences may be due to the fact that sometimes domestic cats are stray cats and there is a big range of lifestyles of domestic …

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Lack of self-discipline is the main cause of obesity in pets

Obese tabby cat

Twice as many dogs are overweight in America than 10 years ago and it’s worse for cats. Banfield Pet Hospital, a chain of hospitals in America, is well positioned to collect data to allow them to analyze trends in the health of America’s companion animals. They’ve come up with a startling conclusion which is …

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77 comparisons between cats, dogs and people

Tiger versus Toyger

Here are 77 comparisons of various kinds involving cats (mainly), dogs and people. As there are many pages on this website in which I compare and contrast various facts, cats, dogs and people including numbers and indeed any other fact, I thought it would be useful if I compiled a list of those pages …

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What percentage of cats are feral?

Percentage feral cats?

Conclusion: I’ll refer to the USA as I believe that they have the most domestic and feral cats of all the countries. We don’t know the percentage of feral cats because we don’t know the number of feral cats. However, we can guesstimate fairly precisely the number of domestic cats. Having made that negative …

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