Cats vs dogs – it’s a draw as expected

Cats versus dogs

You know in a general contest of this sort I might say that cats win but that would be stupid. There are no winners. There are just differences. The New Scientist (NS) conducted a comprehensive analysis. Their research indicates that dogs are better. But of course, people will be divided. Cats are better than …

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Is the artificial sweetener xylitol poisonous to cats?

Xylitol a sugar-free sweetener is highly toxic to dogs but not cats

According to a small study of six cats carried out in Hungary and published in the journal Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, xylitol is not poisonous to cats (the study is listed at the base of the page with comment). The study was published in June 2018 and up to that point it wasn’t clear …

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Are felines stronger than canines?

Cat-dog face off

Are felines stronger than canines? Are cats stronger than dogs? The answer depends on the species of feline and canine we are referring to. For instance the tiger is a feline. The French bulldog is a small, highly popular domestic canine. Which is the stronger! You get the obvious point. Conversely a large dog …

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Do cats have better immune systems than dogs?

Cat and dog

Generally, domestic cats have better immune systems than domestic dogs. I emphasise ‘generally’ because you have to drill down to individual animals (are they purebred or random bred, for instance?). I am referring to purebred dogs and cats and their proportion of the overal population. The proportion of purebred dogs in relation to the …

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What Companion Animals are Considered Low Maintenance Pets?

The other day I received an email from a supposed pet care expert with information that was so misleading that I could hardly believe my eyes. It appears that some of these “experts” in the field make the claim that certain cat breeds are considered low-maintenance pets. As far as I am concerned, there …

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Why cats are second class citizens in a cat and dog home

There is a general agreement amongst us that in a home where there are cat and dog companions, cats can sometimes be treated as second class citizens to the dog who is first class and on a par with the humans. Why is this? This is my instant answer which is open for criticism …

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