Owl defends itself with impressive body language in stand-off with tabby cat

Owl defends itself against the presence of a domestic cat by making itself much larger. The cat response in kind.

This impressive owl has made itself look much larger and it rocks from side to side as a means to display body language at a gray tabby-and-white cat who was probably wandering around his backyard or somewhere nearby when he encountered the owl. It is a cute stand-off between two different species, both predators. …

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Google employees feeding cats blamed for predation on burrowing owls

Burrowing owl

Moffett Field is a few miles south of the Googleplex; Google’s office complex. Some of the Google employees like to look after the cats in the grounds of the complex. They feed and generally take care of them. This practice sits nicely with the general attitude of Google. There’s quite a freewheeling open attitude …

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Truly Unique Interspecies Friendship – Domestic Cat and Owl

Please watch this to the end. There are some amazing interactions between cat and owl. They have both modified their behavior somewhat to interact so well and intimately: the owl walking a lot and the cat jumping up and climbing trees to get to his owl buddy. Post by Fundacja Międzynarodowy Ruch Na Rzecz …

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