Discussing methods and drugs in tranquilizing a lion or other big cat with a dart

Kimba and escaped lion tranquilised

I was prompted to write about this topic after reading a new story, today, about a lion, Kimba, which escaped from a circus near Ladispoli, north-west of Rome, Italy. The lion prowled the small town’s streets resulting in a curfew for the residents. The police were called and they contacted an expert, Bisegna, on …

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Persian cat fur is unnaturally long unfortunately which makes a lion cut a practical solution

Persian kitten given a lion cut because of poop on the bottom

Giving a Persian cut for health reasons (some do it for the look) is a loving aspect of cat care. But it is bit peculiar that we have Persian cat breeders doing all they can to give their cats long fur following the breed standard for it to be shaved off because it is …

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Tragedy as female cat suffers catastrophic reaction to general anesthetic

Man comforts his female cat who suffered a catastrophic reaction to a general anesthetic for a spaying operation

This cat video made me feel sick. A tragedy. What can you say about this story? It is your worst nightmare as a cat caregiver. You take your cat to the vet for a standard spaying operation and she is destroyed by it. We don’t know what happened but it must have been the …

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Guilt-ridden cat owner’s British Shorthair brain damaged during dental cleaning

Cat was brained damaged during teeth cleaning

Introduction Note: I wrote a while ago in draft and forgot about it so I have published it today. It is instructive. There is a risk when a domestic cat is taken to the veterinarian to have their teeth cleaned. I believe that veterinarians tend to underplay the risk. They might say that one …

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Loki, the celebrity Sphynx cat, died soon after teeth cleaning

Loki, the celebrity Sphynx cat died soon after teeth cleaning

As a reminder that veterinary dental cleaning is risky, this celebrity cat, Loki, who had the grumpiest facial expression of all cats died during recovery from a dental cleaning session at the vets. It is thought he had a preexisting heart condition that created a vulnerability to the anesthetic (my guess). Loki has the …

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Alleged: cat castrated without anesthetic in class by students at school

There was outrage last week when it was reported an animal had been castrated at a Georgia high school. I became interested in this case because Toccoa, located in Stephens County, is only one county over from where my maternal family lives. I covered the story here on Examiner, as it wasn’t announced whether …

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Cat has Dilated Eyes after General Anesthetic

A cat might have dilated eyes after a general anesthetic. This may worry the cat’s owner because anesthetics can harm or, rarely, even kill a cat. However, anesthetics have greatly improved over recent years and are considered safe. Although, I had to sign a consent form before the operation indicating some risk. No doubt, …

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