Do domestic cats select strangers who dislike them over cat lovers?

Daughter said that her father has made it clear that he does not like cats

It is said that if a bunch of strangers come into the home of a domestic cat and sit down, the domestic cat, if they are confident enough, will walk up to the stranger who dislikes or hates cats and jump on their lap. I may have exaggerated slightly but the point is that …

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Fabric chewing in cats may be like thumb sucking in infants

Fabric chewing and eating in cats may be the equivalent of thumb sucking in infant humans. The process is soothing and may occur when the cat is stressed. Babies suck their thumbs to soothe themselves. Siamese, Burmese and the Oriental cat breeds are known to be susceptible to engaging in a particular form of …

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Siamese Cat Howled for Days And Would Not Eat after Her Sister Died

It is sad but true: animals “grieve” for lost relatives. They also grieve for friends who have passed on.  In one instance we are told a Siamese cat howled for days and would not eat after her sister died.  It would seem that the Siamese cat’s propensity to vocalise loudly allowed her to express …

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My Cat Seems Depressed

When people search for information about cat depression they are not sure whether a cat can become depressed – they often joke about it judging by funny cat pictures. People are also unsure about the symptoms of feline depression. However, when they search for information on the internet, sometimes they partly answer their own …

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Anthropomorphising The Domestic Cat

Worried stray cat in China

Do we, inadvertently, nearly always anthropomorphise the domestic cat?  I believe that we have difficulty with dissociating the cat as a family member from human family members.  I believe that all too often without realising it people judge cat behaviour from the standpoint of human behaviour.  They measure cat behaviour in reference to the …

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Jackson Galaxy Will Fix Lux’s Aggressive Behavior June 14th 2014

Do you remember the well-publicised story of the domestic cat who was branded a highly aggressive cat with a history of aggression, who held a family hostage in the bathroom?  The cat’s name is Lux. There was a lot of talk about this cat and why it all kicked off.  Eliza reported that: “Many, …

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