cat behavior explained

A nursing mother’s nipples are labelled like school lockers for her kittens

The language I've used in the title comes from that wonderful writer, Desmond Morris. He is also a great animal…

1 hour ago

Why do cats bunt you?

An alternative and a further question on the same or similar topic might be, "Why do domestic cats head-butt each…

2 weeks ago

Do cats yawn when they are tired?

You won't find much in the reference books or on the Internet about why domestic cats yawn but I think…

2 weeks ago

You can tell a lot from a cat’s eyes

You can tell a lot from a cat's eyes both in respect of health, mood and more. Health All of…

2 weeks ago

When purring does not mean that your cat is contented

When your cat purrs you know that she is happy. Right? No, that is not quite right. It is probable…

3 weeks ago

7 reasons why your cat might be in the bath tub

I spell out seven reasons why your cat might be in the bath tub.

3 weeks ago

Why do cats do the bunny kick?

Cats do the bunny kick as part of the prey killing process which is why they do it a lot…

1 month ago

Why do cats suck on blankets? One underlying reason.

Cats suck on blankets because they are "wool-sucking". There is only one underlying reason for this, in my opinion. I…

1 month ago

Why do cats bury their waste?

The question in the title is not strictly accurate because it implies that domestic cats always bury their waste and…

1 month ago

7 reasons why a cat might yowl after eating

A cat yowling after eating is fairly unusual. I think that there are two initial aspects of the question which…

1 month ago