cat bite

Masochist allows cat to damage their hand?

It looks like this person deliberately allowed their cat to damage their hand. Is this self-harm by proxy?

3 months ago

Why do cats have so much bacteria in their mouths?

The question in the title makes a presumption that there is more bacteria in the mouths of cats than in…

3 months ago

How do I know if my cat bite is infected?

It is easy to tell if your cat bite is infected. The illustration below tells you. I am referring to…

3 months ago

Narcissistic, topless idiot terrifies his cat who bites him when singing

Is this what video making has come down to on the internet? Anything, anything for views, likes, loves and 5…

4 months ago

Best antibiotics for a cat bite

These are the best antibiotics for cat bites (my thanks to InFocusL Culture that Infected Cat Bite (and Give Antibiotics):…

6 months ago

Why do cats sometimes bite as a means to show affection?

I'm not sure that you can strictly say that domestic cats do bite us as a show of affection. It…

11 months ago

Bacterial infection: cat bites versus human bites

Human bites can be as bad as cat bites when it comes to bacterial infections so we should not brand…

1 year ago

American cat owners don’t report cat bites because of rabies quarantine rules

I don't know the percentage and I suspect no one knows it but I'm sure that a good percentage of…

1 year ago

The strange case of a woman who died from a cat bite

This is a strange case in which a woman who fed a stray cat, and who loved that cat, died…

1 year ago

Fearless domestic cat attacks Staffordshire bull terrier and owner (video)

The cat must have perceived a territorial threat and made a pre-emptive attack on both the dog and the owner…

1 year ago