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How can I stop my cat biting me?

How do I stop my cat biting me?

This is a very commonly asked question. You have to ask another question before this question, which is why it is your cat biting you? I would speculate and say that most cat bites...

Overstimulated cat

Overstimulated cat (video)

The classic overstimulated cat. I am sure that the woman did this intentionally. She videoed herself at the same time. She knew her cat’s response. It varies of course. Some cats are more tolerant...

A fun cat bite

Are you terrorized by your cat?

You love your domestic cat companion. And he loves you in return. But sometimes when you get up at night to go to the bathroom (because you are of that certain age) it’s like...

How I stopped my cat biting me

How I stopped my cat biting me

This is how I stopped my cat biting me. I was prompted to write the article because I have just read an article by Lena Bay on the Quora.com website which explains how she...

Feline love bite kitten style

Do Cats Love Bite?

Yes, in my opinion, cats do love bite. Although it is quite an interesting question because you have to agree as well that cats love people and other cats. Then we are into a...

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