My boy cat just got neutered, and his loving sister is hissing at him. What’s going on?

Just neutered and his loving sister growls at him

This is the full social media question: “My boy cat just got neutered, and his sister, who he normally cuddles with, is hissing and growling at him? What’s going on?” I have seen this kind of question quite a lot on social media. This form of feline behavior can be a bit disturbing for …

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Why do cats hate water? 5 reasons. Nuanced answer.

This cat likes being submerged in water or does not mind

The question is imprecise. It should be: “Why do domestic cats generally dislike being submerged in water?” Obviously, cats like to drink water and therefore they like water if they are drinking it! And the word “cats” includes all cats; domestic and wild. There are many wild cats (and some domestic cats) who like …

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Why did Martha Stewart’s dogs kill her Persian cat mistaking her as an ‘interloper’?

Burial of Princess Peony

NEWS AND COMMENT: On Instagram, Martha Stewart tells us, 20 hours ago from the time of this post, that four of her dogs mistook her calico Persian cat Princess Peony for an “interloper” and “killed her defenceless little self. I will miss her badly. RIP beauty”. I will miss her very badly’ – Martha …

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Why do domestic cats exchange scent with their human caregiver?

Cat Rubbing Up against Person's Legs

Why do domestic cats carry out ‘scent exchange’ with their owner? First of all, what is scent exchange? It may not be apparent to a cat caregiver that it is taking place. However, it happens very often, particularly when a cat owner comes home and their cat greets them. The cat will do one …

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Do fragrances interfere with the human-to-cat relationship and cause health issues?

Woman spraying perfume on their arm the worst for a cat

By fragrances I mean body perfumes and eau de toilette. The statistia website tells me that in America 39% of men use fragrances every day and 21% several times per week. For women the numbers are 41% and 27% respectively. Only 8% of women never use fragrances and for men the number is 15%. …

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Cat scratches litter box walls and digs a lot

A query about a domestic cat scratching her litter box walls may also be part of a general enquiry about why their cat is digging in their litter substrate too much. It looks like slightly manic and abnormal behaviour and it is slightly abnormal but there is a natural and normal reason for it. …

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