My cat has become obsessed with food! Help please.

Cat licking their lips after eating

This is the cat behavior problem for the day: “My cat has suddenly become obsessed with food. She does not want to play much anymore. She prefers to get into food containers. She was spayed about a year ago. She is about 18 months old. She started this behavior when the weather changed. Unfortunately, …

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Can and do domestic cats eat for pleasure?

Simon's cat asking for food

Domestic cats can and do eat for pleasure like humans. That’s my conclusion. I will tackle the issue from two points of view: observing my cat and the science of overeating because of pleasure eating. I will talk about my cat first. Observing my cat Just this morning when I woke up before I …

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Cats and labradors cause more damage around the house than other pets

Tabby moggy causes household damage

British Shorthair is less destructive than the Sphynx. However, take this with a pinch of salt, please! A poll run by the website into the destructiveness or otherwise of companion animals in the home found that among the cat breeds the British Shorthair is far more destructive than the hairless Sphynx. The most …

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Cat bored with flapping fish toy because she can’t kill it

Cat bored with flapping fish toy

From @cat_manchester: β€œSummer is over πŸπŸ‚β€ #catsofinstagram — Cats of Instagram (@catsofinstagram) October 17, 2020 There has been a lot of publicity about the flapping fish toy on the Internet. I’ve seen cats trying to devour it and being highly stimulated by it. All the signs are that it is a very popular …

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‘World’s Worst Cat’ Twitter thread is amusing but it highlights a clash of cultures

World's worst cat

There is a clash of cultures between felines and humans and it’s been used to generate an amusing Twitter thread started by a guy whose name is Christopher Ingramham. He claimed that his cat was the world’s worst. Christopher has a baby and his cat barges into his toddler’s room at 6 a.m. in …

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