Person asks, “I want a beautiful cat that is affectionate and loving. What breed makes the best cat?”

Trying to select the right cat breed.

I’m going to answer the questions in the title which are on the website. I like to do that from time to time because they do ask lots of questions, some of which are worth answering! This will be short because I think I can summarise the answer without using many words. There …

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Why does the Manx cat have no tail?

Manx cat

Although there are ten imaginative hypotheses as to why Manx cats have no tails, there is one genuine and less colourful reason which is that the Manx gene cropped up spontaneously as a naturally occurring mutation on the Isle of Man centuries ago. This gene became established because of prolonged inbreeding amongst the tailless …

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Maine Coon Cats (comprehensive page)

Ginger tabby Maine Coon kitten

Notice and introduction: – PLEASE READ THIS – this page is too long for Googe nowadays. It was written many years ago. I have therefore divided it up into several smaller pages and at the end of each page there is a link to the next (pagination). All the original information is there. It …

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