Do elephants intentionally and consciously bury their dead?

Adult elephants and calves

A recent study published in the Journal of Threatened Taxa sheds light on a fascinating behavior observed in Asian elephants. These majestic creatures have been found to mourn and bury their dead calves, a behavior reminiscent of human funeral rites. Here are the key findings from the study: This remarkable discovery highlights the emotional …

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Can my pet be buried with me? USA and UK discussed

Cat grave in Chernobyl

Can my pet be buried with me? This is a question I had asked myself since long before I lost my dog Dreyfuss in September. Have any of you asked yourself this question? My daughter Laura thinks I’m crazy because when I die, I want the cremated remains of my dog Dreyfuss to be …

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Pet cemetery headstones tell us about our evolving relationship with companion animals

Hyde Park pet cemetry

Dr Eric Tourigny, Lecturer in Historical Archaeology at Newcastle University began a survey into the memorials written on the headstones of dogs at UK’s pet cemeteries in January 2019. On 9 January 2019 he asked the public for help in producing the first database of animal memorials in the UK. He wanted to catalogue …

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Woman knew her cat was dying so she placed her under her favourite bush in backyard

Cat grave being dug with dead cat

Wendy Boucher-Fischer writing on describes how her cat Miss Kitty died of natural causes at the age of 20 at her home. I am surprised at her description. She writes that she knew her cat was dying so she decided to place her under her favourite bush in the backyard and petted her …

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Pet cemetery lease expires so what happens to the animals’ remains?

Lease has expired on pet cemetery so what happens to the animals?

This is a terrible failure in management by the leaseholders of a pet cemetery in the state of Michigan, US. The Heavenly Acres pet cemetery in Genoa Township has closed because the lease on the land has expired. Note: This is an opinion piece based upon an article of news published on the …

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A ‘health issue’ meant Animal Control dumped road kill cat on landfill

George a cat killed on the road and thrown on landfill

This tabby cat fell through the cracks in the procedures governing animal control services in Newfoundland, Canada. There are lessons to be learned. Megan LeRoux let her five-year-old tabby cat, George, roam outside. Megan was feeling unwell and confined to her home. She heard from a friend that a cat had been killed on …

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