Cancer In Cats | Insights From Scientific Research

Cancer In Cats Insights From Scientific Research

Cats, just like humans and any other animal, can have cancer during their lifetime. Molecularly speaking, cancer in cats develops because something within a single cell of their body went wrong. This is often a change in the cell’s DNA, or a change that affects how well a cell can grow and divide. Once …

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Passive smoking affects cats – both cigarette and marijuana smoke

Passive smoking can harm cats

This is a reminder that passive smoking affects pets as much as it does people. I find that this is rarely discussed but it is a form of animal abuse that goes on silently, almost invisibly, in the background. The information should apply to all kinds of passive smoking; cigarette smoke and for instance …

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What can CBD oil do for my cat?

I’m going to primarily rely a woman in America, Kat (a convenient and appropriate name in the context of this article!), who has gained personal experience of using CBD oil to treat dogs. I feel that her advice can be trusted because of her extensive personal experience. She started a business that I am …

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Radical mastectomy for female cats cost $3,000 (plus teeth clean thrown in)

Radical mestectomy for cats cost 3000 dollars

If it interests you, a radical mastectomy for cats cost around three grand. This would be in dollars or pounds and I am pretty sure that most European countries would charge something similar except for the Eastern European countries where it would be considerably cheaper. Would the standard be the same? A Twitter user: …

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Nonprofit animal rescue group unethically used terminally ill cat to raise funds

Apparently this happens quite a lot. It is disturbing. A volunteer run, 501c(3) non-profit rescue group called Furrever Grateful Rescue (FGR) used a terminally ill cat, Sandy, with eye cancer, for fundraising. In doing so the cat suffered unnecessarily. As it happens, a veterinarian working with FGR was criticised and his licence revoked (Aug …

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Can cats get cancer from second-hand smoke?

Yes, cats can get cancer from second-hand smoke. Although common sense dictates that this must be the case, a television super vet, Noel Fitzpatrick, says that pet owners haven’t quite yet got the message that both dogs and cats can get cancer from second-hand smoke. He says that dogs get cancer in their noses …

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