Cat flea treatment insecticides are poisoning aquatic life in rivers

and imidacloprid insecticides from cat spot-on treatments are entering rivers from washing hands embedding of pets and poisoning aquatic life in those rivers.

NEWS AND OPINION: It’s remarkable to report that insecticides such as for fipronil and imidacloprid in cat and dog spot on flea treatments are getting into rivers and watercourses in the UK after the pets’ owners wash their hands or they wash bedding and other products which have come into contact with the companion …

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Cat caregivers should try a vegan diet for just TWO MONTHS for real health benefits

Two months on a vegan diet and the cat caregiver will see a major health improvement

The health and well-being of our cat companions depends upon the health and welfare of us, their caregivers. If we aren’t healthy and reasonably active, we might struggle to discharge our responsibilities towards our cat companions to keep them healthy and content. That’s why I write about human health. This is another article in …

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Unknown cat brings dead birds to your front door and meows. What does it mean?

Cat brings bird to stranger's house

There is a stray cat in the community. You don’t know the cat and yet she consistently brings dead birds to your front door and meows until you come out. What does this mean? It isn’t unique but probably quite unusual. The way to try and understand this is to refer to the mother-kitten …

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Is it okay to lick my cat?

Woman licks her cat as she wants to behavior like a true cat mom

Is the question relevant to our lives? People ask it nonetheless. But frankly it is almost irrelevant. However, exceedingly rarely some cat owners do lick their cat and an avowed and self-declared crazy cat lady does it all the time because she wants to behave like a true mother cat caring for her newborn …

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What’s the common denominator for this couple of cats?

What's the common denominator for these cats

The common denominator is the owner who has consistently overfed his/her cats who look like siblings. They are both obese to put it bluntly. It is as easy as pie to get into the habit of overfeeding oneself and one’s cats. In fact, the former often precedes the latter because obese people lose their …

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Marmite reduces anxiety and makes you a better cat caregiver

Vitamin B6 in Marmite helps reduce anxiety

In this article I am focusing on the human rather than the cat. When a cat caregiver feels better, they are going to be a better cat caregiver. When a cat caregiver is irritable and fed up it will clearly affect the quality of their caregiving. Pretty obvious but I want to start off …

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The big flaw that is never admitted in keeping cats indoors full-time

Enriched home for indoor cats

NEWS AND COMMENT-AUSTRALIA: The Australian authorities have been disseminating negative propaganda about feral and domestic cats for years. The objective of local, state and federal legislation is to kill all the feral cats on the Australian continent and keep all domestic cats inside full-time. This is Australia’s Utopia from the point of view of …

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How to bond with your cat? Is something wrong?

Cats bond with humans to the same extent as human infants and dogs

I am revisiting a page that I wrote about 12 years ago. The question in the title (which I have subsequently amended) asked how a cat owner can bond with their cat. Internet users ask the question sometimes. The implication is that they feel that they are not bonding with their domestic cat companion. …

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