How much weight should my obese cat lose each week?

Cat weighing himself

To be on the safe side check that your cat is not obese for medical reasons and that it is safe to reduce weight. Using a weight-loss diet provided by your veterinarian older cats should lose weight at no more than 1.5 percent of their initial body weight per week. Clearly it is advisable …

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Fat Cats Twice As Likely to Have Skin Condition

You probably know that obese domestic cats are on the increase and that obesity in cats increases the chance of the cat developing diabetes mellitus.  In fact, obese cats are 3.9 times more likely to develop diabetes mellitus. A study compared body condition and diseases in the domestic cat.  Six different body condition silhouettes …

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Midnight’s First Road Trip

By Elisa Black-Taylor This article will be not only about Midnight’s first road trip, but also my adventure tending for a house full of cats with Laura gone for the weekend. It’s been quite a confusing week for all of us. LAURA’S TRIP Laura left on Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving weekend with her grandmother. …

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Domestic Cat and Human Relationships

This is about the domestic cat’s impact on relationships or potential relationships in the family. It is a little bit controversial (a good thing!) and tricky to write about. Nothing said is either a criticism of men or women. It is meant to neutral and observational. People who are dog owners are more open …

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