Grumpy Cat: Financial loss likely for Tabatha because there are no special policies for ‘celebrity pet influencers’

With the unexpected and untimely death of Grumpy Cat last week, owner Tabatha Bundesenwill feel not only emotional distress but also distress in her bank account. As far as legalities go, pet insurance doesn’t cover what a pet is worth … please continue reading

Lil Bub suffers from osteopetrosis, a rare bone disease

Lil Bub via Facebook

Lil Bub is probably the second most celebrated Internet cat after Grumpy Cat. Her name is a great success. Her appearance is characterised by her diminutive size and a tongue which is perpetually hanging out. She also has extra toes … please continue reading

Celebrity Persian cat that ‘looks like my grandma’ is an inbred tragedy


Celebrating these sorts of deformed cats encourages others to acquire a similar cat and that is immoral. Read on please. Comedian Michael Rapaport, on Instagram, said that this cat looks like his grandma. “This little fucker looks like my GrandMa! … please continue reading