How did this cat get a claw in her eye?

Simon, Rey and the claw sheath removed from her eye

NEWS/OPINION-COVENTRY, UK: Coventry veterinarian Simon Pudsey had never seen it before he said; a one-year-old cat with an ‘entire’ claw stuck in one of her eyes. The cat, Rey, was at the veterinary clinic for flea treatment, deworming and a checkup and Rey’s owner, Matt, asked Simon to have a look at his cat’s …

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Why do cats have a dewclaw?

Cat dewclaw picture

The dewclaw is attached to the fifth digit of the forepaws of cats. Normally this digit is high up and away from the other four. For some domestic cats this rudimentary digit is actually a solid looking thumb. The dewclaw is still useful to a cat because although the fifth toe is short and …

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