Cat owners are unconcerned about wildlife predation by their cats

Brightly coloured collar help to protect birds from cat predation

There is a lot of talk nowadays about the killing of small mammals, marsupials and reptiles plus birds by unsupervised domestic cats outdoors, stray cats and feral cats. This topic highlights the biggest negative against domestic cat ownership currently on the agenda. Since 2005 there have been discussions about how to minimise the impact …

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Are GPS tracking collars on cheetahs in India causing infections and deaths?

Cheetahs relocated from Africa to India may be self-harming due to GPS collars irritating them

NEWS AND VIEWS – KUNO NATIONAL PARK, MADHYA PRADESH, INDIA: There is speculation that the GPS tracking collars placed around the necks of the relocated cheetahs from South Africa to India are killing some of them because the cheetahs are irritated by the collars in damp conditions and are scratching their necks causing a …

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Infographic on anxiety-reducing products for domestic cats

Anxiety-reducing products for cats

Anxiety is a massive issue with domestic cats. It is often a hidden condition because cats hide their anxiety and sometimes their caregiver is insufficiently involved with their cat to recognise it. But if a cat is hiding a lot and behaves in a fearful way, he/she will be feeling anxious. And you can …

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Noticeable, brightly coloured, cat collar protects birds from cat predation (47 – 54% reduction)

There is a product on the market called Birdsbesafe®. They are fluffy cat collars in very bright colours. They are deliberately bright because songbirds see bright colours especially well. You can immediately understand the idea. The cat stalks a bird. The movement of his collar is picked up by the bird. The bird flies …

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Britons accept domestic cat hunting but some don’t like it

Handsome domestic cat hunting

By and large, Britons accept the fact that their domestic cat hunts and kills prey but there is a percentage who don’t like it because, for example, they see it as unnecessary and cruel. But others see it as an expression of natural behaviour and therefore fully accept it. And if cat owners don’t …

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