In Arkansas, USA a lost pet can be seized and sold by the authorities even if it is tagged, ID tattooed and chipped

Bibi with her owners

A civil compensation case concerning a lost purebred dog, Bibi, going through the Arkansas courts has resulted in a judgement by the state’s Court of Appeals that a lost pet can be picked up by animal control and adopted out without notification to the owner even if the animal can be fully identified through …

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Is a collar and tag better than a microchip for a cat?

Eighty percent of pet owners believe that it is important for cats and dogs to wear personal identification tags but a much smaller proportion actually do what they think is important. We identify the collar and to tag as something that dogs wear. And we believe that the best way to identify a cat …

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A warning about pet collars and cage confinement

I almost decided against writing this article for PoC because it tells of the tragic death of a crated dog. Then I got to thinking a bit. A lot of my cat loving friends also have dogs. Many run rescues, and it’s routine to “crate train” a dog before offering it for adoption. Cats …

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