Why do cat haters, who have never owned a cat, fail to realise the comfort that a cat can bring to your life?

Jim Stevenson aka Woody - arch troller and cat hater

The short answer is that there is a blindness and a lack of open-mindedness amongst cat haters which translates to the inability to understand the benefits that domestic cats can bring their human guardians. Cat haters by definition focus on … please continue reading

My cat died in my bedroom while I was still asleep and I feel guilty because I might have heard her die

Cat lies next to man

I wonder how many cat owners have been through the experience described in the title. It must be very rare. And the person shouldn’t feel guilty. If anything he or she should feel blessed that their cat came to their … please continue reading

Are Domestic Pet Cats “Just Tiny Tigers”?

Domestic cat behaves like wild cat

According to an article recently published in “Catnip”, (the newsletter for caring cat owners) produced by the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, “Our loveable domestic cats have more in common with big cats than previously thought.” The … please continue reading

How Cats can Help with our Mental Health

I am not saying that a cat companion can solve all mental health problems. That would be a ridiculous claim and I am not even necessarily saying that a cat companion can solve any mental health problem. It is not … please continue reading

Red and Lilly (cats loved by Marc)

Marc loves all cats. Red and Lilly were friends, good friends. I love these friendships. I am jealous because there is a simplicity in their friendship that is enviable. I hope the video does justice to Marc’s tender relationship with … please continue reading