Do cats need to socialize with other cats in order to be happy and healthy?

Cats friendly with each other

Do cats need to socialise with other cats in order to be happy and healthy? What the question is asking is whether a domestic cat needs to successfully live with another domestic cat in a good relationship in order to be happy and healthy. And the answer is no because there are many millions …

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Do you feel that you are a parent to your cat?

Are you a parent to your cat?

There has been a rise in interspecies families and in parallel a decline in marriage. In the UK, for instance, there are 1.2 million more people in the age brackets 25-35 unmarried in 2021 compared to 10 years earlier. The decline in marriage opens a door to a rise in a different kind of …

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Singer-songwriter talks about mental health and loneliness. Cats can help.

Tom Odell

I like this article in The Independent newspaper about Tom Odell talking about mental health and loneliness (link at base of page). Although, I hate The Independent newspaper! But that’s another story. Tom Odell is a successful British singer-songwriter. He’s got his own Wikipedia page, which is a sign of status in human society. …

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You won’t be able to buy a cat or dog in the UK with cash

Payment by card

NEWS AND VIEWS: The UK government is planning to introduce legislation which prevents the purchase of companion animals with cash. This means that all purchases of cats and dogs and other animals would have to be through online transfers, debit or credit cards or cheques, as I understand it. The government is building on …

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Are Bengal cats dangerous?

Available Bengal cats at DOUBLE GRR BENGALS

No, Bengal cats are not dangerous to people. They might be dangerous to mice, though! If they are allowed to hunt outside, which is unlikely. Or birds and so on but people, no, provided they are socialised like any other well bred and raised purebred cat. As mentioned Bengal cats are purebred. They’ve been …

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The Holy Grail of multi-cat homes

Two cats love each other

This is the headline: We adopted a second cat from a hoarding situation. It turns out he was my cat’s soulmate. The two of them have been inseparable since he arrived. So a bit of good luck lead to super harmony. They glow with happiness. It’s what I have called the Holy Grail …

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