Different laxatives for cats in an infographic (vet advice)

Different laxatives for your cat

The information in the infographic comes from Dr Bruce Fogle, the UK’s foremost veterinarian and author. It is vet approved. Seek vet advice on the most appropriate type of laxative for your cat. The information about feline constipation is also veterinarian approved. RELATED: 17 causes of constipation in domestic cats Notes on feline constipation …

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Owner asks, “What does it mean if your cat screams repeatedly every time before taking a poop?”

Cat screaming

Frankly, the question in the title irritates me, which is why I am writing about it. It is a question asked on social media (quora.com). The person should not be asking the question in the first place because they are directing the question at people who are not veterinarians. They are seeking advice from …

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Should I give my cat probiotics?

Probiotic powdered supplement may improve your cat's health by improving their gut bacteria

Although I have never given my cat probiotics, I am considering it quite seriously and I’ll tell you why. There are two good reasons. With skin problems, problems affecting the stomach and intestines are the most common reason why people take their cats to the vet. The second point is that there appears to …

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How many times do cats poop a day?

Two cats peeing or pooping on a human toilet at the same time

A least once and perhaps twice in a 24-hour period is the answer. It’s likely be more if they have mild diarrhoea. Cats are often active at night and therefore I am interpreting ‘a day’ as meaning 24 hours not just daylight hours. A veterinarian would say that ‘most cats have one or two …

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My Cat, Mitzy, Escaped A Death Sentence Twice

By Sandra When I began living as a low income senior, I decided that it wasn’t practical to get another cat. The expense of regular and unexpected vet care, and the fact that most landlords don’t allow pets, were my deciding factors.  That was before a young feral cat and her mother touched my …

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