What are the pros and cons of keeping your cat’s ashes?

Domestic cat ashes in an urn on a window with the sun setting outside

When it comes to keeping your cat’s ashes, there are both advantages and considerations to take into account. Let’s explore them. Ultimately, the decision depends on your personal preferences and emotional needs. Whether you choose to keep your cat’s ashes at home or opt for a different arrangement, remember that there is no right …

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Can my pet be buried with me? USA and UK discussed

Cat grave in Chernobyl

Can my pet be buried with me? This is a question I had asked myself since long before I lost my dog Dreyfuss in September. Have any of you asked yourself this question? My daughter Laura thinks I’m crazy because when I die, I want the cremated remains of my dog Dreyfuss to be …

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Rise in individual companion animal cremations

Urn for cat or dog ashes

COMMENT: In the UK, more Britons are deciding on individual cat and dog cremations according to the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria. They say that there was a 10-15 percent increase last year compared to previous years. This may be due to Covid-19 restrictions during which time pet owners have a chance …

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What happens when a cat dies?

What happens when a cat dies? It is more or less the same as when a human dies. There is either a cremation or burial. The cremation should be an individualized cremation organized by the owner. A veterinarian will organize a multiple-shared cremation. You can do what you like with the ashes. Is there an afterlife?

Are They Your Cat’s Ashes?

by Sylvia Ann You mercy-killed him on a Thursday. ‘Call us next Wednesday.’ the vet nurse tells you. ‘It takes five or six days.’ Wednesday arrives, with no word. Eleven days later – the following Monday – a man with a blandiloquent voice answers the phone at the crematorium. ‘Uh…what’s the name again?’ he …

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