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Cable protectors are ideal to keep kittens safe from eating wires

How to kitten-proof live wires

This is what I would do to kitten-proof live cables in my home in order of priority. I am applying common sense to the problem and simplicity. The solution has got to be easy...

Clouded leopard

Are clouded leopards dangerous?

The clouded leopard weights about 18 kg (35 pounds) but it varies between 11 and 23 kg. So, they are quite large. Like a largish dog. They have the ability to bring down, kill...

Kitten attacks toy mouse

Is it safe for cats to eat mice?

There are two reasons why it is unhealthy for a domestic cat to eat mice despite the fact that mice are the number one prey of the domestic cat. Of all the prey animals...

Top ten most poisonous plants

Top 10 most poisonous plants to cats

This is a list of the top ten most poisonous plants to cats. I used various websites and books to cross-check the worst plants and came up with this list in alphabetical order. The...

Bengal cat outdoors

Can I let my Bengal cat go outside?

The decision as to whether you should let your cat go outside is entirely based in practicalities and the answer is NO unless they are leash trained and on a lead or inside a...

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