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Why are British Shorthairs so fat?

British Shorthairs are not fat. They are cobby, which is a cat fancy word meaning stocky, muscular, heavyset with rounded…

1 week ago

7 reasons why domesticate cats eat grass

Domestic cats eat grass because it contains vitamin B9 and they like to eat it.

2 weeks ago

How much should an inactive cat eat?

You'd probably like a table listing the weight of an inactive cat and the amount you should feed them daily…

3 weeks ago

University of Guelph’s one cat meal a day study ignores the size of the stomach

The domestic cat's stomach is too small for a big, one meal a day mild fasting, feeding regime as suggested…

4 weeks ago

5 fruits that domestic cats shouldn’t eat

People ask whether our domestic cat companions can eat watermelon, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, blackberries, apples, mangoes, pineapple, apricots,…

4 weeks ago

Elderly cat diet to delay onset or progress of cognitive dysfunction

In veterinary circles cognitive dysfunction is referred to as CD. To laypeople it means senility. I have found a nice…

2 months ago

Domestic cats should be able to self-regulate their weight so why do they become obese?

At first it mystified me as to why veterinarians describe a current domestic cat obesity epidemic. You never see obese…

2 months ago

Pet food manufacturers could provide summer and winter diets (and make more money)

I'm going to offer the pet food manufacturers a money-spinning idea which has just occurred to me. It may please…

2 months ago

Is it wrong for domestic cats to eat bones?

I think that some of the advice on the Internet may be less than wise. I have doubts whether it…

3 months ago

Is baby food safe for cats?

Baby food is safe for cats for a very limited time or as a treat as directed by your veterinarian.…

4 months ago