What does my cat dream about?

What does my cat dream about? We don't know for sure but I bet the same reasons exist for cats and humans.

Dr. Desmond Morris, the great zoologist, author and artist, was asked the question in the title many times after his famous cat behaviour book Catwatching was published and became a resounding success on both sides of the Atlantic. He couldn’t answer the question. Nobody can for sure. We can guess. In a follow-up book …

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When domestic cats rest is there nothingness in their heads or do they recollect past experiences or think of things to come?

Thinking domestic cat

I don’t know of anybody who knows the answer to the question in the title to his article. It’s impossible to get inside the head of a domestic cat with accuracy. We have to rely on quite a large slice of guesswork to try and figure out what a domestic cat is thinking at …

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