Marinette County highway worker sees domestic cat “fall out of moving truck”. Can you ID the truck?

Cat allegedly pushed or thrown out of moving truck

The title comes from Fox 11 News. No doubt the author is being very cautious about making allegations of cat abuse because you don’t see cats ‘falling out’ of trucks. You only see cats being thrown out of trucks or surreptitiously pushed out of them. And that is the true allegation in this instance. …

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Cat found after ‘piece of human garbage’ was caught on video dumping the family pet

To the piece of human garbage who was caught on video as they dumped a cat north of the Boys and Girls Club in Franklin, Indiana, we’re going to make you famous. Perhaps you didn’t know your cowardly actions were caught on video. The cat is now safe and secure in foster care, according …

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Beautiful cat dumped at animal shelter because she had diarrhoea

Beautiful cat dumped at shelter because she had diarrhea

This beautiful long-haired, red tabby-and-white, female cat was abandoned outside an animal rescue center in Plymouth, UK because she had diarrhoea. The photos are thumbnails. If you click on them you are taken to a larger version. They were taken by Gables Farm Dogs and Cats Home. The note accompanying the cat stated, ‘has …

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Super tense kitten rescue from edge of fast track lane of freeway (video)

Kitten rescued from side of freeway

This is tense watching. It is also very sad and desperate. To think of this little kitten probably exhausted and paralysed by fear so near columns of fast moving traffic is distressing. The chances of survival are pretty well nil. Someone saw the kitten and passed the news on to a couple in a …

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Medical 911: Monroe cat running out of time after being abandoned for urinating on the floor


A search is being conducted in the Monroe, North Carolina area for a cat named Samson. This ginger beauty, who is eleven years old and suffers from life-threatening kidney issues, was dumped by his owner for urinating on the floor at his home. His former owner is blaming a rescue for not answering the …

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