An Exotic Shorthair that can’t eat and breathe at the same time

Dimples is another disastrous Exotic Shorthair cat with an extremely flat face which affects the way they eat and breathe

The cat’s name is Dimples. He was bred in Australia. It is claimed that he can’t eat and breathe at the same time which I can understand. This is a brachycephalic-headed cat breed with an extremely flat face which distorts the nasal passages which negatively impacts breathing. And also, because their muzzle has disappeared …

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Will my cat enjoy his food more after teeth cleaning?

Cat teeth cleaning at a veterinary clinic

The question really comes from a post in which the owner of an old cat asks whether her cat will feel better after he has had the hard calculus (tartar) removed from around his teeth by her veterinarian. She almost answers the question herself. Her cat was sedated rather than anaesthetised generally which …

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No wet cat food waste (infographic)

Empty bowl under a no waste wet cat food regime

Do you aspire to that cat caregiving utopian ideal of no wet food waste left in the bowl after a feeding or even after five feedings? Well, I’ve achieved it. I’m boasting but I’ve done it through precision feeding. The Infographic explains the MO but I will add a few words. There are perhaps …

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Are cats pickier with food than dogs and if so, why?

The answer is a confident yes and it is mainly to do with their sweet and bitter taste receptors. Humans have over 9,000 taste receptors, dogs have 1,700, while cats have only 473. Dogs taste sweetness much better than cats. Another difference is that dogs are scavengers and cats are not. In round terms …

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How long can a domestic cat go without food?

Domestic cat not eating

The question is meant to help cat owners who are aware that their cat has stopped eating for an unknown reason and the question enters their mind as to how long their cat can stop feeding until further problems arise. It would be an unlikely scenario, however. And, it is difficult to find an …

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Flat-faced Persian cat can’t eat conventionally because the food goes all over their face

Flat-faced Persian cat can't eat conventionally because the food goes all over their face

Well, this video is about people who are scared of cats or who don’t like them. They find out over the course of a week that cats can be charming and great companions. All of them were won over. BUT for me the interesting episode in the video is the flat-faced Persian eating from …

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Given complete freedom what would a male domestic cat do?

Cat active at night disturbs some cat owners

We are so used to seeing our domestic cats in our homes, fitting in with the human lifestyle, it might be useful to remind ourselves what a male domestic cat would do if given complete freedom. If they lived without compromise. And I do believe that domestic cats compromise because they are shoehorned into …

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