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How tigers eat their prey animals

How do tigers eat deer?

Tigers eat deer as they would any other large prey animal. They normally kill large prey animals with a throat bite which is maintained for several minutes or longer until the animal has suffocated...

Yowling cat

Cat howling after eating?

Is your cat howling after eating? I feel that the first question to ask is whether your cat is healthy. On the basis that your cat is, indeed, healthy the most likely cause of...

Cats scavenging in Morocco

Are house cats scavengers?

Are house cats scavengers? The answer is yes but domestic cats scavenge in a particular way by making informed choices while understandably avoiding foods that might make them very ill. When scavenging they try...

Pica in cats

Can cats get eating disorders?

I’m discussing domestic cats and whether they can get eating disorders, a definition of which is “…a range of psychological disorders characterised by abnormal or disturbed eating habits….’ What are we referring to? I...

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