US military check out how cats deal with zero gravity (thoughtless cat abuse)

Amused American military personnel see what happens to cats, who self-right in gravity when falling, when they are in zero gravity

For me, this is an example of thoughtless or careless cat cruelty in the 1960s. Perhaps I am exaggerating but there was no need to do this. People can do it to themselves. They can work out what happens when you are in zero gravity. I bet their learnt nothing from this experiment. I …

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Domestic cat’s self-righting reflex educates astronauts

Testing domestic cat's self-righting mechanism under weightless conditions

A short video of astronauts gently throwing cats around under weightless conditions in an aircraft begs the question whether it is ethical. It also provokes me to think of how animals were used in the early days of space travel. Early space flights using animals Before humans were sent up into space the early …

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Constipation experiments on cats to benefit America’s military veterans

VA cat experiments

Experiments regarding incontinence and constipation (dysfunctional voiding) on domestic cats are taking place in America. They are cruel experiments and they are designed to research medical treatments for America’s military veterans who have been injured and are suffering various health challenges including incontinence, frequent urination, general dysfunctional avoiding, diabetes and spinal cord injuries. Information …

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