The injuries incurred by cats when they fall from tall buildings (and survival rate)

High-rise syndrome in cats

Quite a lot of people think that domestic cats can fall off tall buildings and survive without injury because they break their fall and reach a terminal velocity quite quickly by fanning out their limbs. In fact, there is an optimal height at which a cat can fall in order to minimise injuries but …

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Sweet mackerel tabby cat clings onto man’s leg and cries during tree rescue

Tabby cat cries out and clings on when rescued from a tree

See some interesting links to cats falling at the end of the article. The interesting aspect of this rescue is that the cat was not very high up unless the man had climbed a good distance up the tree which I don’t think happened. This indicates to me that this is a timid cat …

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16 facts about high-rise syndrome in cats

Cat has conversation with hooded crow on high rise building

Here are 16 facts about high-rise syndrome in domestic cats. In some parts of the world high-rise syndrome is relatively common and those places will be conurbations where there is a high human population density such as Singapore. RELATED: Longest non-lethal fall in feline history. “High-rise syndrome” refers to a collection of injuries sustained …

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Cat falls from the upper tier of a football stadium. They could have prevented it.

Cat falls in college stadium but survives as two students break her fall with the American flag

NEWS AND VIEWS: The news media headlines report on “quick thinking” college students saving the life of this black-and-white cat who fell from the top tier of a college football stadium, about 40 feet to a seated area below. Fortunately, the fans below unfurled an American flag which broke the cat’s fall. It did …

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Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Khartoum gives four men $13,610 each for being kind towards pregnant cat

Dubai: Four kind men who are immigrant workers save a pregnant cat from injuring herself in falling from a building

NEWS AND COMMENT – DUBAI: Is this a publicity stunt? I am opening up with a provocative statement. I may be unkind to be that provocative but the ruler of Dubai has been suffering from bad publicity recently due to his alleged imprisonment of one of his daughters, Princess Latifa. She is apparently no …

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The reason why cats fall off balconies

Cat trapped and saved from falling off high rise building

America is entering the cat high-rise syndrome season. The weather becomes warmer and cat owners let their cats go out on the balcony. Because the domestic cat is so athletic and so capable in terms of walking along ledges and climbing trees, cat owners think that their cat is infallible in high places. They …

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Longest non-lethal fall in feline history

Cat falling in rescue from high rise building

Andy is said to be the domestic cat who fell the farthest in history and survived according to Desmond Morris in his book Cat World. There is no information about Andy on the internet, surprisingly. All I have is from Morris’s book. Andy fell from the 16th floor of an apartment building in Florida. …

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