If 1 cat year is 7 human years, does a cat feel alone for 70 hours while you are at work?

If one cat year is seven human years, cats feel like they have been left alone for 70 hours while you are at work for 10 hours?

The commonly held belief is that one cat year is the equivalent of seven human years. That’s not quite accurate as this simple formula has been refined over the years. The formula isn’t “linear” (click for a good discussion on this). But for the sake of this short discussion let’s assume that one cat …

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Do cats think of us as surrogate mothers, equals or kittens?

When You Believe Your Cat Has Emotions You Are More Attached to Her

The conclusion from a couple of PhD experts, Dr John Bradshaw (Cat Sense) and Dr Desmond Morris (Cat Watching and many other books on animal and human behavior), is that cats do not think of us as equals. The domestic cat thinks of us as (1) surrogate mothers and/or (2) kittens and/or (3) superior …

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How do I know if my cat is cold at night?

Is my cat cold at night? Yes, possibly if the ambient temperature is cold and there is nothing to keep him warm.

You know that your cat likes warmth. The corollary is that he dislikes the cold. You know that your cat likes to lie in a sunny patch on the floor by the window. Or a warm patch on the kitchen floor because you have underfloor heating (see picture below). You know that your cat …

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Infographic on 9 emotions domestic cats feel and 1 they don’t

Emotions that domestic cats feel and one they don't

The issue of domestic cat emotions is a developing one. I think it fair to say that it is only over the past 5-10 years that the ‘experts’ have genuinely discussed feline emotions in the same way we discuss human emotions. There is a discussion, however, on whether cats experience emotions similar to those …

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Video shows you how much rescue cats appreciate being adopted

Rescue cat is ecstatic on being rescued from a rescue center

Sentience?! You are unsure if domestic cats are sentient beings with feelings? You are unsure if you should adopt a rescue cat or buy a purebred cat? Well, this video should alter your thoughts for the better. This big, tabby rescue cat has just been adopted by a small woman and look at the …

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Human behaviour beneficial to cats

How should I pet my cat?

I think it useful to remind ourselves of the sort of human behaviour that is beneficial to our cat. Perhaps it is common sense but even commonsense thoughts need to be reinforced. Generally aversive human behaviors With respect to livestock, research has identified that the most aversive human behaviours towards domestic animals includes: hits, …

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You can tell a lot from a cat’s eyes

Black cat - stunning eyes

You can tell a lot from a cat’s eyes both in respect of health, mood and more. Health All of the below require the intervention of a vet. You must have heard of it, the nictitating membrane. This is the third eyelid a.k.a the haw. Its role is to protect a cat’s eyes when …

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10 basic rules to become a good cat owner

Cat to human unconditional love

Here are 10 basic rules to help you to become a better cat owner (caregiver). They start with a desire to better understand the domestic cat and through understanding you can provide for their needs more successfully. Learn about the domestic cat’s anatomical attributes The first rule is to spend a little bit of …

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